Every dog owner knows that there is nothing like the love of your dog. These little pooches who so very desperately wait for you to get back home so that they would not let you go again. The video below is about a German shepherd named Freyja who was so much excited when she met her soldier dad, not after a day, but months. Her reaction when she sees her dad is so precious, it shows how much she loves her dad and how much she had missed her.


The video below starts with the soldier who is sitting in his living room with his arms stretched, looking very happy to be back, with his family member recording him. Then, someone opens a door, and the goofy German shepherd can be heard barking and running in the background. The soldier whistles and Freyja finally sees her dad and cannot hold back from cuddling with him.


It had been nine months she had not seen him and, it seemed as though she had kept all the kisses for every day reserved with her; which she showered to him at that moment. She looks very excited, and she can be heard whimpering loudly. She then lies on her back so her dad could rub her belly. The reunion is so much heartwarming. Trust me, you can’t help but go, “awww…”

Watch it for yourself!

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