Carey Linnell recently came across a terrified and alone German shepherd, Rain, who had lived under a van for days. Linnell then called Hope For Paws and two of their staffs, Loreta Frankonyte and Eldad, immediately arrived at the scene with nets and snares to catch her.

When her rescuers from Hope For Paws tried to help her, Rain cried like a real human being. The rescuers had never seen any dog crying like that before.

“Rain was crying like a human… she was so scared, but at the same time wanted to be helped.”

The rescuers then started by wooing her with some hamburger meat and whispering to relax her. Since the dog was terrified, they approached her very patiently and with a lot of care and tenderness.

In the beginning, the dog hesitated even to take meat because she was timid. However, it was evident she desperately needed help, and her rescuers were dreading she might be in pain from an injury.

Thankfully, Rain knew Linnell and trusted her, so she joined in to assist the rescuers. She gained the dog’s trust and safely put her in a kennel when her crying was finally over. Soon, she was enjoying a relaxing bath at the shelter.

After the rescue, Rain amazingly transformed into a playful and affectionate dog. She was no more sad and scared. In fact, she demanded a lot of attention and love. Not long after, she was adopted to a forever home where she got her new name, Sassy Pants, and an elder brother named Ernie.

Watch her beautiful transformation from a sad and crying dog to a happy and wiggling goofball below:

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