This clever puppy manages to escape his house and hurriedly rings the doorbell in worry.

Marshall has always been a good boy of his daddy. He always followed his owner and loved the special treats got. But little did the family know, he was fascinated by the stray life and wanted to get a taste of it.

One day, his curiosity somehow gave him a way to escape his loving house in Spokane, Washington.

But his happiness soon turned into a fear seeing the dark and scary world with none to catch his lease. He quickly regrets his escape and wants to get back in.

The only problem, he didn’t know how.

Apparently, the escape passage was a one-way route. So, the horrified golden retriever couldn’t open the door with his little paws. And he had no prior training to knock. Luckily, the clever little pup finds a way to ring the doorbell.

Moreover, the home security captured his sweet little mischief.  The pup adorably knocked or should I say, pawed the door with his slightly scared and slightly guilty face.

Soon after the footage, the confused owner, Greg Basel let Marshall in.

Now, Marshal, loves the pampering he gets in his house and will never leave his daddy’s side.