Christine Martinez and Diana Lopez from Katy, Texas were shocked and devastated when they found out that their pet sitter abused their beloved dog.

Martinez and Lopez had adopted Schnauzers, Donovan, and Maddie from the shelter after they had a very hard time. Sadly, even being adopted couldn’t save them from being abused.

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A friend had referred pet sitter Alvaro Javier Martinez to the two women. The pet sitter looked after the women’s dogs for a month, after which they noticed that something wasn’t right with their pups.

Maddie had started to act strange and have accidents in the house, which she had never done before. Because her owners had a feeling that something was wrong, they set up surveillance cameras in their home and pretty much everything got crystal clear.

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They watched the app showing the surveillance video the next day, while they were at work and were absolutely shook at what they discovered. The new pet sitter had been abusing Maddie.

The video shows the poor pooch yelping in dismay while Alvaro hit her ruthlessly. Maddie’s owners called the police as soon as they saw it and went to stop the brutality.

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After that, the dogs were taken to an animal hospital, where it was discovered that Maddie had wounds and bruises all over her body and even faced difficulty swallowing. She also had soft tissue trauma due to abuse.

Luckily, her wounds healed slowly. However, her experience with the pet sitter has left her traumatized and nervous around strangers.

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Harris County Assistant District Attorney has charged Alvaro with animal cruelty offence.

On the other hand, Martinez and Lopez want pet owners to very cautious before they leave their beloved pets with someone.

Watch the surveillance video below:

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