Spain’s biggest festival, ‘Running of bulls’ left many people injured. As the charging animals caught the participants, they were brutally gored to the ground.

This annual nine-day festival took place in Pamplona on July 6, 2019. The opening run had six bulls running in a target of half a mile destination.

This was the first of eight runs of San Fermin festival. During the season, bulls sprint every morning in the city’s bull-ring. Later that day, they get killed in an afternoon bullfight.

The festival attracts a mass number of tourists. Annually, one million visitors come to enjoy the show.

Almost five people got injured in the opening run. The last bull took 2 minutes 40 seconds to complete the run.

According to the reports, Red cross treated 53 people, 5 participants got severely injured after being gored, and the other two suffered from head trauma at the run.

According to the sources, a 23-year-old American and a 40-year-old from the northern Spanish province of La Rioja were gored in their left leg. The other victim identified as 46-year-old Californian got a superficial neck wound.

One of the victims suffering from neck injury was unconscious while being sent to the hospital. Later, they woke up on the way to the hospital, reported one of the spokespeople.

According to the tv footage, one of the bulls lifted a man in the air and threw him on the floor while the other bull attacked him from behind.

Sixteen participants are killed at this festival since 1910. And that’s just the tracked numbers. According to the record, around 300 people already injured at this festival. And the number is growing with every new festival organized.

Animal rights campaigners held a global protest after an animal got speared to death.

Peter Janssen of the Vegan Strike Group commented:

“The bull was terrified and in excruciating pain – I couldn’t leave him to die alone. We represent the majority of people around the world, who are calling for an end to this cruel event.”

The festival will end on the 15th of July 2019.