The Sidewalk Specials of Cape Town, South Africa were completely taken aback when they met a dog named Benji. He was terrified of everything.

The owners of Benji neglected him unbearable and kept him tied on the concrete. They even claimed to “forget to feed: him.

Sidewalk Specials/YouTube

Benji’s trauma reacted when he was provided with his first bowl of food. He absolutely couldn’t believe it and kept looking back at his rescuers. He probably was expecting to be kicked any moment if he tried eating.

Nevertheless, he was starving and he enjoyed the food for a few moments. Benji’s reaction to a bowl of food stirred the souls of his rescuers and they were heartbroken but determined to introduce him to a better life.

Sidewalk Specials/YouTube

Benji was stoned continuously and there were wounds all over his body. Poor Benji was on the verge of death, so his rescuers immediately took him to the vet. Although he was in a terrible condition, Benji still managed to survive.

Sidewalk Specials/YouTube

Now, Benji in a far better place than when he was abused.

The video below shows his magical transformation, although the beginning might come off as disturbing to some. Watch it below to see Benji all happy in his new home:

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