Park rangers in the Arnhem Highway near the Northern Territory town of Humpty Doo, outback recently found a three-eyed snake and he is very unusual. He is nicknamed Monty and has left the rangers bewildered after surviving even with his defect. The Rangers had picked the snake up from a highway while he was only three-month-old.

Monty was 40-centimetres-long and had three eyes, all functioning. It was reported that the Rangers had a difficult time taking care of Monty because he struggled to feed due to his condition.

Monty had to go through an x-ray after being found, which made it clear that he had developed the extra eye during the embryonic stage of his development.

The wildlife reserve declared the news on their Facebook page, where they noted that the snake had one skull with an extra eye socket.

The three-eyed snake warns The Dry is coming!Our Rangers found a three-eyed snake on the Arnhem Highway near Humpty…

Posted by Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

However, as confirmed by Ray Chatto, of the wildlife reserve, Monty sadly died a few days ago. But him surviving itself was a miracle!

Chatto said, “It’s remarkable it was able to survive so long in the wild with it’s deformity and he was struggling to feed before he died last week.”

It is extremely unlike for the eye to have developed due to environmental reasons, according to him.

He added, “It was generally agreed that the eye likely developed very early during the embryonic stage of development. It is extremely unlikely that this is from environmental factors and is almost certainly a natural occurrence as malformed reptiles are relatively common.”


The NT Parks and Wildlife said on their Facebook post, “The snake is peculiar as an x-ray revealed it was not two separate heads forged together, rather it appeared to be one skull with an additional eye socket and three functioning eyes.”

NO, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Darwin has kept Monty’s remains.

RIP, Monty!

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