Winter is, with a doubt, a glorious sight. Drenched in the snow, decorated with naked trees and everything layered with a whiteness so blinding that only a few wishes to venture into the coldness; winter comes with its own unique charm. And without argument, most of those few that fearlessly venture outside are usually children. From building a snowman to having brutal snow fights–to them, winter gives a whole new definition to fun sports.


To Grandma Marlene, however, winter means she gets to spend quality time in her 100 acres White Tail Farm with her lovely grandkids. With her daughter Holly, she also raises foals. One winter, when the adorable family was about the head for sledging, the plan was thwarted by those very foals.

As the suited-up kids ran towards their sleds, they were surprised with a hoard of young horses walking towards them. What they wanted was, undoubtedly, to join the family for sledding.


Like most of us, Grandma couldn’t help the laughter ensued by the sight before her! When the horses slowly began to follow her grandson, she captured the view in her phone, allowing us the wonderful opportunity to see the hilarious turn of events. As the event unfolds, we can also see Marlene’s granddaughter being nudged by the foals, asking her to let them join in the sport!

Click the video to see the adorable foals running towards equally adorable kids while their grandma bursts out laughing!

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