Life gets tough sometimes, and more often than not, all we need is love to get through.

John Huynh got into a terrible motorcycle accident 8 years ago after being hit by a drunk driver. Because of the tragic accident, he ended up losing the use of his right leg. This left Huynh in a very dark place. But that was ono until he adopted a loving pup named Sasuke.

Source: John Huynh / Facebook

After that, everything changed in Huynh’s life. The dog was helping turn his life all around. Although Sasuke wasn’t a trained therapy dog, he was no less than that for his dad. All he did was shower his dad with unconditional love to make everything okay for him.

Source: John Huynh / Facebook

“I never ever felt alone,” Huynh explained to 11Alive. “At the time, I was in my house, a broken man, and he doesn’t care about that. He doesn’t see any of that. He brought me back. It brought me back to my former self. He’s like my oldest son.”

Source: John Huynh / Facebook

Then, Sasuke had definitely saved his dad’s life, and now, Huynh needs to save Sasuke’s. About a couple of weeks ago, the 8-year-old lab mix dog was found missing. Huynh had let the dog out in the afternoon, which was a usual routine. However, that day, he had to go somewhere. He believed that Sasuke had already entered the house, and so, he went away without checking.

When Huynh came back three hours later, Sasuke was gone.

Source: John Huynh / Facebook

Huynh has ever since been looking for his buddy everywhere. He has distributed flyers through the town and shared his story on social media as well. Moreover, he also formed a search party with the help of strangers from the community.

Huynh even put pieces of Sasuke’sfavourite blanket around the yard so he could smell his way back.

Source: John Huynh / Facebook

Now, 10 days later, there’s no sign of Sasuke anywhere.

We request you to look out for the pooch if you live around Lawrenceville, Georgia. The following are his details:

Name: Sasuke (sauce-k)

8-year-old Yellow Lab mix


60 lbs

Black studded leather collar

Last seen: near Arnold Rd and Lawrenceville Hwy 29

Missing since 12 p.m. Saturday, March 23

Call 404-966-6672 with any info

Please contact the owner if you have even the tiniest of information!

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