Paul Oliver is the evil hunt master who fed innocent, defenseless fox cubs to his hounds so that he could ‘give them a taste for blood’. The bodies of the dead cubs were lying in a wheelie bin after this harrowing act.

Fortunately, this entire thing was evident on a footage a concerned stranger recorded.

After the release of the video, Paul Oliver faced court where he is facing charges on four counts of animal cruelty. The punishment includes a 16-week suspended jail sentence. Similarly, Hannah Rose, his kennel maid got a 12-week suspended custodial sentence.

The video below was the proof that landed him in jail.

As soon as the video went viral, anti-hunt activists contacted police. They were the ones who had installed hidden cameras at the South Herefordshire Hunt kennels in May 2016 after they noticed suspicious activities.

The video shows Oliver carrying a fox cub into the kennels, where the hounds were kept. Moments later, we can hear animals barking and braying in a haunting manner.

Soon, Oliver comes out of the kennel and dumps the cub’s body into a commercial bin.

fox eat hounds 1

According to the defendants, the poor cub was dead long before Oliver delivered a fatal strike on their head with an ax.

However, District Judge Joanna Dickens didn’t believe those words and went on to follow a week-long trial.

While Rose cried after the verdict read her guilty, Oliver remained quiet and responseless.

fox eat hounds 2

The judge said, “The covert video footage speaks for itself and has not been disputed.

Fox one died as a result of an injury to the chest, there was no evidence of any injury to the head or any suggestion of a blow to the head.

I am sure the injury to the chest didn’t cause the cub to die instantaneously.

It is impossible the second fox was hit over the head as there was no skull injury, it more than likely the fox was dropped on the floor. One hound killed the foxes.

Oliver had said he took this post up in May 2016. Farmers were complaining about foxes on their land and he would refer them to Parry.

Mr. Parry believed the fox cubs were going to be relocated and had no knowledge of their deaths.

I accepted Rose wasn’t directly involved in the killing of the cubs.”

fox eat hounds 3

It was an animal rights investigator who tracked a Land Rover and witnessed this moment.

Karl Garside found a fox cub in a cage and informed that cameras were installed near the white trailers on site of SHH Kennels.

According to him:

“Fox hunting was banned in 2005, so we put the camera in there to establish why the fox cub was in there.On May 16, 2016, a man can be seen carrying a fox cub out of the back of the trailer and then you can hear the noises of hounds barking.

In the early hours of the morning on May 26, 2016 I went back to the kennels and we found two alive fox cubs in the cage on the ground.

A man in a black t-shirt with a cap on can be seen carrying a fox cub by the scruff of its neck at 10.19am.

Another camera caught a different angle of the fox cub being taken on May 27, 2016.

The man with the cap can be seen putting the dead fox into a bin. He is then seen taking another fox cub into the kennel.

He is then seen spraying something onto the foxes in the bin, we went to the site later and saw the fox cubs in the bin, they looked blue.”

fox eat hounds 4

However, Judge Dickens said that people launching a ‘hate campaign’ aganist those who stood trials was ‘punishment in itself’. She addressed the court saying, “Rose and Oliver have been found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to fox cubs by killing them.

As a result of their actions four fox cubs were killed whilst in the kennels. They did not have the chance to escape.

They were both killed by bites from a single hound. This is a serious case because it involves offences committed at hunt kennels.

Both have been subjected to a hateful social media campaign and it has taken a toll on their health.

They have lost their homes and this was a very serious offence. Both defendants will never work in hunting again.

Oliver has taken a lead role in this. This was a very serious offence of it’s type.

The fox cubs suffered a painful, terrifying death. They are finished in the hunting community as a result of these proceedings.”

The UK’s The Hunting Act 2004 bans fox hunting and it’s been implemented since 2005. According to campaigners, the law isn’t strict enough and has loopholes in it which allow monstrosities like this one to occur.

Sadly, this isn’t a single event. A documentary from a campaigner at Grampian Hunt Saboteurs shows how hunting is possible even in the realms of animal laws.

Don’t believe us?

Watch the documentary yourself.

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