Two students, also aspiring filmmakers recently discovered Fleetwood Mac’s biggest admirer. It may sound ordinary but think again! Because the fan is a handsome horse, and it’s all captured on video.


It was Victoria Anderson-Gardner and her cousin, Morningstar Derosier who were driving through green fields when they came across a beautiful horse. They pulled over to say hello to the horse. But they wouldn’t have thought in a thousand thoughts what would happen next.

Right at that instant, the 1977 song, “dreams” by Fleetwood Mac came on the radio. One of the women, Morningstar turned up the volume and started singing along to the horse. The horse was so swayed by the music that he started dancing!


The handsome horse bobbed his head from side to side, feeling the beat of the music and even swayed his body along with the music. Luckily, the girls filmed the amusing scene for the rest of the Internet to enjoy.

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