Horses Arthur, William and Harry were inseparable while growing up. They were all under the care of proud mom Sue Blagburn, who loved her steeds with all her heart. However, tough times made her take a heart-wrenching decision to sell-off Arthur.

YouTube/ Sue Blagburn

But after selling him off, she missed him very badly and so did, William and Harry. To get him back, Sue knew she had to work super hard. And she did, for five years, until she finally re-purchased her beloved Arthur.

After being away for five years, Sue wasn’t sure how Arthur would react to being reunited with his playmates. After all, the trio was so young back then, there was a possibility that they would have forgotten each other.

YouTube/ Sue Blagburn

But turns out Sue’s concerns were not required at all! The pair happily ran towards each other and William too! There seems to be no anger or distance between them. They seem to pick up right where they left off, nuzzling each other and rolling in happiness.

Sue is a proud mom and is overwhelmed with happiness. Their beautiful reunion is proof that true friendship lives forever.

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