Horses are a lot like us humans. Don’t believe us?

Just read this story of a horse dancing to his favorite music.

Yes, you heard us! Horse dancing! It’s a thing! It even has a name!

Known as dressage, this particular horse is making his way to becoming a celebrity after a video of him dancing to a beat went viral.

horse dancing 1

It all started at the WEG2006 freestyle dressage competition. Blue Hors Matine is the horse that took part in it with his partner Andreas Helgstrang. At first, they’re just following their normal routine.

horse dancing 2

Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’ starts playing and the horse then starts becoming a whole new star. Even the announcer said, “The horse seems to love every minute of it.”

horse dancing 3

Even with hooves, horseshoes and extra limbs, this horse is a masterful dancer. He changes his dance movies according to the tempos and it’s just magnificent.

horse dancing 4

Trust us.

This is one of the most marvelous videos you’ll ever see!

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