Because the weather is getting warmer each passing day, the turtles have been busy travelling. But sadly, the slow and steady turtles don’t catch up with the speedy traffic on the streets they pass by, due to which, most of them end up brutally injured or killed every year.

However, turtles can remain alive for weeks in their painful shells due to their slow metabolisms. Hence, you still can save an injured turtle you see on the road. Keep scrolling to find out how.

Pull over safely

While saving an animal on the road, you should always make sure that you are posing no danger to the animal, as well as your own self. Make sure to park safely and having your hazard lights on. Also, wait until the traffic is clear before you step out on the road.

Turtle Crossing | st_luke | CC By 2.0

Work smartly

Turtles who have just had an accident but are uninjured still need help. For the tiny ones, pick them up firmly by both sides of their body and their front and hind legs and take them to a safer place. Large snapping turtles can bite hard, therefore, don’t pick them up. Just use a blunt object to gently push them from behind safely. Make sure they are pushed to the same direction they were headed to. Turning them around can make them defensive. Make sure not to relocate turtles as it can make them vulnerable to parasites and diseases.

Call for help

Rush the turtle immediately to a veterinarian, an animal shelter or a wildlife rehabilitator if you spot one injured or in need of help.

Look out for the turtle

Make sure your help isn’t causing the turtle further pain. If you think the animal is dead, check to be sure. Turtles can have their shells completely shattered, yet, they still survive and suffer the pain. Test by pinching the back toe gently or touching the eyelid corner to watch if the turtle blinks.

Help them avoid the street

Lead the turtle to the correct path if you are in a grassy area and you see him or her moving towards the road. But remember, you have to keep them heading towards the same direction they originally were going.

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