Dogs are beautiful lovable creatures that us humans don’t deserve. They take up a lot of space in our lives. Imagine how much more space they would take if they were bigger!

Luckily, Photographer Chris Cline doesn’t have to imagine that, as he has his own huge dog, whose pictures he takes to show us all how incredible the world is with him on social media. He has gained thousands of fans in a few years and his photos are featured everywhere! However, this was not always in his career plan. It was only after his dog, Juji came to his life and showed him a new direction in his art and also his life

Chris used to be a truck driver and forklift operator four years ago. Nevertheless, he had always been an artistic person. However, he didn’t have much talent in photography. Nor did he have a dog, or wanted one!

He said, “I would play with a hand-me-down camera that my girlfriend Christine had given to me. I didn’t take to it at first and found that using a DSLR camera was incredibly difficult. But, I also live in Minnesota where its winter for 8 months a year and I quickly learned that I needed something to keep my mind working.”

“I remember the day Christine told me we were getting a dog… and I wasn’t happy. I didn’t want the responsibility of a puppy because it’s so time-consuming. And I really wasn’t happy when she told me it was a Goldendoodle. I thought they were dogs for little girls with pigtails.”


Although Chris took some time in perfecting his skills in photography, he took none in falling in love with his new dog. He kept on playing with his camera and manipulating photos. But he was, like many others, a proud pup parent and he knew what his new favourite subject was!

“Juji is all guy… Juji and I bonded immediately. He’s so goofy and playful, but at the same time he can be extremely stoic and just mesmerizing to watch,” Chris said, “His personality is nothing short of genius and I feel extremely lucky that he picked us to live with.”

“When I first got into photography I didn’t really have any direction. I just knew that I wanted to create images that made people look twice. So my first images were really random and were just an extension of how I was feeling that day,” he added. “And then I started to play around with photographing my dog and playing with scale. Those always did very well on my social media accounts and I kept getting more and more requests for them. It didn’t take long before it was “all Juji, all the time”!”


Now, people from all over the world have fallen in love with Chris exploring the world outside and going on crazy adventures with his giant dog, Juji.

Juji is famous online, for driving tractors and jumping over traffic jams. However, he is just a regular dog at home.

“My girlfriend Christine and I both have offices here at the house and Juji spends his days commuting from one office to the next. He sleeps a lot, as most dogs do. And he spends a lot of time chasing squirrels and chipmunks. They seem to be his arch nemeses,” said Chris.


It’s surprising how Chris, someone who never cared about photography or dogs, is happily working by taking photos of Juji and manipulating photos of people’s pets.

He is proud to have created a place where people can come together to find something for them to enjoy. It’s his and his giant Juji’s world.

“When you visit my Instagram or Facebook pages, you won’t find drama. You won’t find religion. And you won’t find politics. What you will find is smiles.Juji and I have worked very hard to create a world that anyone from anywhere can visit and feel right at home,” Chris said. “And it’s not that we go out of our way to avoid these things, it’s that they just don’t have a place in what we are trying to do. The world is full of negative things and we like the fact that we are adding something positive to it.”

Such a beautiful and happy world it is!

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