Remember the cute little scarfs and earmuffs our mom used to wrap around our shivering body? We certainly felt like Elsa Singing, “Cold never bothered me anyway.” Well, it turns out, farmers are doing the same to their calves.

Since young calves are at high risk of this danger, one clever farmer came with this idea of earmuffs. His grandma knitted the earmuffs which he used to make his calves a new fashion icon.

This farmer @ThisFarmingMan_ posted the cute little picture of his earmuffed cow, in this mid-summer. And, this tweet got 171k likes.
He tweeted:

“So it turns out ear muffs for calves to stop them getting frostbite are a real thing…”


Frostbite or hypothermia is common of a young animal’s death in cold weather. However, with appropriate care, the losses can be avoided.

Extension Veterinarian at Virginia Tech, Dr. W Dee Whittier said:

“Frostbite is the damage to body tissues that occurs when these tissues freeze. The extremities are most at risk. Frozen ears and tails result in changes in cattle appearance but do not affect cattle performance significantly. Sadly, if a calf’s feet freeze, it must be put to sleep, or it will die.”

He added:

“Newborn calves are most at risk because they are wet and because they have a large surface area with their total body mass. Calves are not fully capable of maintaining temperature the first several hours of life. Newborn calves have a circulatory system that is less able to respond to cold changes as compared to more mature animals.”

This is the literally the cutest thing you will see on the internet today. But there is a reason to doll up these young calves.

Even dog owners are requesting one for their baby. One of them replied: