While driving by his farm in South England, Chris Rolfe, a 24-year-old farmer saw the car in front of him hit a pregnant fox and killed her on the spot.

Rolfe got out of the car to check on the fox and saw that she was obviously killed. However, then, he saw her stomach move and realized she was pregnant. He knew he had to do anything the living creatures inside her.

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He instantly ran to his car and got a knife to be able to perform an emergency c- section on the deceased fox to get the babies out.

Although Rolfe was no expert, he knew how important it was to save the tiny ones.

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There were four kits of six- inches, who were brought back home by Rolfe to his mom, Jean, who knew how to care for foxes. After rubbing the babies hard with damp towel, like his mom would have done, to wash them and keep their circulation healthy.

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Thankfully, all the foxes are still alive after seven weeks of their rescue. So, Fox Project, a local charity is also helping Rolfe to take care of the foxes. Once they are ready, they will be sent back to the forest, as long as they don’t suffer from anything harmful and are not unhealthy.

Watch the video below to learn more about the story:

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