Supposedly, fur farming was to end in Germany by 2022. But it didn’t take that long for this horrible firm to collapse. Recently, the only remaining fur farmer in Rahden, Germany, officially emptied his farm, after which, fur farming no more exists in the country.

According to the farmer, the government’s frequent unannounced inspections and pressure from animal advocates and the public were getting too much for him to handle.

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However, this was not possible overnight, it took 20 complete years to finally be successful. PETA Germany founded back in 1994, has always stood against fur farming and had conducted countless investigations, petitions, and protests against mink farms, and celebrity ad campaigns. All of this finally led the German legislative to pass the law to ban all the fur farms by 2022. The law was passed in 2017 and in just 2 years, all the fur farms are now finally shut down.

Although Germany officially doesn’t have any fur farms functioning now, there are still many countries where animals are electrocuted and skinned alive just for their fur.

Today, there are many vegan options to replace fur and they are all equally useful as well. Therefore, we all should stop using fur once and for all, to discourage such businesses all over the world.

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