A group of park rangers in Thap Lan National Park, Thailand were made aware of six baby elephants who were trapped in a pit of mud recently. They immediately went to the suspected area to look upon the situation and found six baby elephants all lined up in a row of mud, entirely stuck, not being able to get out on their own.


The park rangers moved around the area and spotted the parent elephants waiting for their babies to come out. The park rangers had to reunite them but unluckily didn’t have any equipment with them right away. So, they had to wait overnight for the tools and someone to watch over them throughout the night.


The next morning, the equipment was brought and they were finally able to dig a ramp into the mud pit to make climbing out easier for the elephants.


Finally, the elephants were able to come out one by one, making their way to safety slowly.

Even after the entire ordeal, all six of the elephants seemed fine. The park rangers even watched them for a little more time, in case they were feeling uneasy to walk and get around. But they were just fine!

Thanks to those kind park rangers who stayed with the helpless elephants, all six baby elephants are safe and united with heir family. Hopefully, they will avoid such mud pits in the future.

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