Taking your truck out and taking your dog out is something that will always make a man happy. Until you find out how dangerous it really is to keep your dog in the back of a truck bed.

According to American Humane, 100,000 dogs pass away due to truck accidents.

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“Any sudden start, stop, or turn may toss your pet onto the highway where it can get hit by oncoming traffic. It is estimated that at least 100,000 dogs die this way each year,” American Humane’s website says.

Many have seen the utter chaos dogs in truck beds bring when they decide to jump out of the moving vehicle. It breaks their bones, injures their joins and in many cases, even requires amputation.

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“The dog could see something and jump. Most dogs are smart enough not to, though, but I would worry about getting in an accident – the dog’s going to be a projectile then. I would also worry about a dog being tethered in the back of a truck because it could jump over the side of a bed and hang itself,” Steve Scherer of Quincy Animal Control said.

But these aren’t the only dangers. From the force of the wind hurting a dog’s lungs to debris flying into their eyes, ears, and throat—truck beds are no place for an innocent dog.

“Open truck beds do not provide any protection from the weather. The hot sun can heat the metal floor of a truck bed enough to burn a pet’s paw pads. A dog left sitting in the broiling sun without water or shade may suffer from heat stroke before long,” the American Humane informed.

Dogs should always be inside a vehicle. While they might enjoy putting their head out the window at times—it is not a healthy habit.

In some states, driving a truck with a dog tied in the back is illegal. They should never be held hostage against a moving vehicle.

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If you have no other option, use a crate in the truck bed to keep them safe.

As they are tied to the walls of the truck bed, they won’t move around or hurt your dog. Some of the carriers even have seatbelts over them.

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Another tip; Never hold your dogs in your lad when driving. Try to not keep them in the passenger seat either—they could be lethal during accidents.

Keep a pet emergency kit, just in case.

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