German shepherds look pretty big and fearless, normally. But who knew they could be afraid of something as insignificant as a water sprinkler? That’s right! This German shepherd is terrified of the water running out of his family’s new sprinkler.


He barks at it as though it is something evil that is going to harm his little baby brother, who, on the contrary, seemed to enjoy it a lot!

As the frightened the water from the distance, his rather brave little human comes along and touches it, giggling. Then he points at it, looking at the dog as if he was telling his buddy to give it a try and not fear it. The woman recording the video can’t help but laugh at their conversation.


When the dog finally decides to try the water, he seems to be so thrilled that he starts running around as though trying to chase the water flowing towards the road. He then starts having fun and does not stop doing it until the end of the video!

Watch the humorous video of the dog below:

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