When we take in pets, we must keep in mind that we are making a commitment to them. They might be a part of our lives, but for them, we are their world. They are so devoted to their owners—they are sad to see them leave for work and can’t contain their happiness when they come home.

Sadly, their loyalty is not repaid by so many people. They abandon their pets over the smallest reasons, and it can be very distressing to the animal.

This story is about a dog named AJ. He was abandoned at the Carson Animal Control Agency. He had no idea why he was left there, and he was in extreme distress. Just look at how scared he looked!

His eyes were brimming with tears, and he was literally shaking with fear. This poor dog looks so innocent—he must have never even hurt a fly in his life. He looks so confused. Why did the people whom he loved the most betray him like this?

Sadly, if he isn’t adopted soon, then he will be put down. This is why it’s so important to adopt pets rather than shop for new ones. Innocent animals like AJ can lose their lives, thanks to the thoughtlessness of another person.

Please don’t get a pet if you can’t return their love. They too have a heart and it’s full of love and laughter. Don’t wreck it for your selfishness.


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