Temper tantrums usually give parents a headache, unless they’re from cute pets.

Meet Pebble, a Cockatoo who really didn’t want to go back to her cage.

So, she threw a temper tantrum instead.

cockatoo temper tantrums 1

While her dad coaxes her into coming towards him, the Cockatoo starts mumbling furiously.

When her dad asks her if she’s showing her attitude, she replies with “Yeah, that’s right!” at his face!

Pebble doesn’t follow orders or listen to her dad, but that is exactly what makes her so adorable.

cockatoo temper tantrums 2

After moving from family to family in the last 20 years, Pebble has finally found a home that accepts her for who she is and loves all of her quirky shenanigans.

cockatoo temper tantrums 3

Cockatoos land under a sub-species of Parrot but aren’t as good as an imitation of speech. Because of this Pebble isn’t easy to decipher at first. But once you get used to it, you just know what she’s trying to convey!


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