Don’t let Harry’s grumpy look fool you for he’s a total sweetheart! He’s lived with his mother since he was a kitten and today, loves her beyond reason.

cat loves pillow 1

“Harry looks like he hates everyone and everything a lot of the time, but really, he is the clingiest, cuddliest dude ever,” Beka Smyth, Harry’s mom, said. “He likes to be involved with everything I do, will call out for me if I leave the room and he doesn’t know where I’ve gone, and since he was a little tiny kitten he’s slept pretty much directly on my head at night.”

cat loves pillow 2

Recently, Smyth went out shopping with her partner. And on her way, she found a cat pillow.

But here’s the plot twist.

The cat pillow looked exactly like Harry. From the dark color to the grumpy face, the pillow was an exact replica of Harry. So of course, she had to get it.

cat loves pillow 3

But what totally made the incident unforgettable was Harry’s reaction.

“Harry’s response was a little unexpected. I thought that he may freak out at the sight of it, but instead he kind of just looked at me as if to say, ‘Is this some kind of joke?’” Smyth said.

cat loves pillow 4

But eventually, even he warmed up to the pillow.

cat loves pillow 5

Wherever the pillow went, he went with it. He refused to go anywhere without his stuffie.

And slowly, the obsession began.

cat loves pillow 6

“He spent the entire day sitting next to it on the couch — only hopping off to investigate what I was doing in the study every now and then — and he’s been sitting next to it a lot of the time ever since,” Smyth said.

cat loves pillow 7

Smyth had no idea the cat would eventually end up loving the pillow so much. She’s sure glad that she bought it!

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