This Cat licked a Himalayan salt lamp and almost died right after. This incident got Animal Hospitals worried.

One morning, 11-year-old Ruby started acting a little strange than usual. Her mom, Maddie Smith, assumed it might be due to the cold weather.

But, as time passed, her kitty’s condition got worse. As Maddie came from work, she noticed Ruby struggling to see or hear anything.

Maddie started to worry…

Ruby cat sleeping


She quickly rushed her to the vet. Ruby was diagnosed with brain swelling due to severe sodium poisoning.

It’s life-threatening to have a sodium poison in an animal’s body. It can lead to seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of coordination, which is what happened to Ruby.

The curious Kitty decided to explore this sodium lamp and leaked it. But she leaked it too far resulting a significant amount of sodium on her little body. Avenue Vet Hospital, where Ruby got treated, posted this on their facebook page.

Sodium Salt Lamp

The worried mom explained Roby’s condition before the treatment:

“The vets were extremely concerned for her and could see she definitely had neurological problems because she simply could not walk properly, could not hear or see, couldn’t even eat or drink properly because she couldn’t function her tongue the best. Her basic senses and abilities GONE in 12 hours.

So the vets ran some tests, and they were all good, no worries. Until her blood arrived back this morning, and she had extremely high sodium levels in her blood. So this severe salt poisoning had caused her brain to swell, and ultimately the neurological problems that followed.”

Luckily, they knew the cause was the lamp lying around in the lounge. Then, they immediately went for the treatment.


“It’s a huge shock to find this level of poisoning on a cat.” Said one of the vets. “It’s more common in dogs, and it’s the first time we saw this in a cat.”

Salt lamps can be addictive to animals and also, highly dangerous.

Fortunately, Ruby is on her way of recovery.

‘We are so glad she’s still here with us, with the right nutrition and hydration we should have her back to normal.’ Says Maddie.

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