A few months back, a handsome stray cat appeared in Brazil’s church. Members thought that he was just a random visitor, but he ends up making the church his home.

Nobody knows from where he came from, but he thinks a big deal of himself.

cat accepts worshipers cheers

Junior seems to like the kind love he receives of his kitty appearance. So he loves calling São Sebastião Parish his home. The adore this furbaby got from the family members is why he feels loved. He considers himself a blessing to the church. And frankly, he is not wrong.

His favorite place to be is a small basket, a church’s collection where he fits so perfectly.

cat accepts worshipers cheers

Every day, worshippers pet him and feel his paws. The cheerful singing and praises he listens to every day seem to boost his self-worth.

And he never fails to give his followers what they want.

The São Sebastião Parish wrote:

“That Cat is JR. It belongs to the parish San Sebastian de atibaia He always goes to the masses and usually accommodates in the best places.”

cat accepts worshipers cheers 3

During working hours junior picks, a random lucky worshiper and rests his head on their lap. And every day it’s a new human.

However, one day, it was a little different. He decided to come to the front of the stage and be the star of the show. He placed himself graciously in the front center and started grooming himself.

Although the priest’s sermon was boasting about how wonderfully refreshing junior was, he still was able to play it cool.

cat accepts worshipers cheers 4

He is still confused about why his worshippers are showing up every day and love him unconditionally.

cat accepts worshipers cheers 5

Osvaldo Boracini, the church’s leader, is the one taking care of junior. The kitty has no left his side for all this time. Even though his deity nature, the cat has brought a heavenly aura to the church.

Even people outside the church are talking about him.

cat accepts worshipers cheers 6