Clifford Zvengrowski, a resident of Alberta, Canada, was walking around his neighborhood one day when he saw something extraordinary.

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“I was walking by and was sure it was roadkill,” Zvengrowski said. “Wasn’t moving at all.”

YouTube/Logical Morality

The bird Zvengrowski saw was a magpie. Not long after, other magpies started to gather at the spot surrounding their friend.

Interestingly, magpies are famous for holding funerals.

“When one magpie discovers a dead magpie, it begins calling loudly to attract other magpies,” the Cornell Lab of Ornithology writes on its All About Birds resource. “The gathering of raucously calling magpies (up to 40 birds have been observed) may last for 10 to 15 minutes before the birds disperse and fly off silently.”

YouTube/Logical Morality

As several other magpies began surrounding the lifeless bird, Zvengrowski watched, not at all expecting what was going to happen next.

He was thankfully able to capture the moment on his camera. “I started filming because the other birds were reacting,” he said.

Watch the video below to watch what happened next:

The birds displayed deep concern for a few minutes and then the unthinkable happened! The bird lying motionless suddenly jumps up and goes to take shelter under a parked car. The bird was probably side swiped by a running vehicle. Zvengrowski said, “I do not know what happened,” he said, “but [he] was on a residential street playground zone, so it’s unlikely a car would have hit [him] too hard.”

Not wanting to disturb the bird, he didn’t get too close. But he realized he needed to do something. “I know birds eat a lot of fatty foods and especially love nuts. There was a convenience store nearby so I bought some,” he said.

At the end of the video, it can be seen that Zvengrowski provided the bird with some snacks to help him recover.

YouTube/Logical Morality

The magpie would probably have faced something much worse, had he kept laying on the road and had his friends not supported him.

“I assume the magpie ate the nuts, recovered and flew away,” Zvengrowski said.

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