When Kathy Pitts’ dog suddenly started barking after finding a scent, she had no idea he would lead her to two small birds.

Two birds were as big as chickens, but they had grey feathers.

little eagles 1

Turns out, they were the offspring of a famous local couple Ricky and Lucy, the bald eagles. The pair had been nesting in the area since 2013.

The couple had lost their little ones in earlier years. Pitts knew she couldn’t see it happen again. So she contacted retired wildlife expert Jaye Moore.

little eagles 2

The two chicks then entered examination in a near veterinary center. The vets found out that the babies were around 3-4 weeks old. They were two months young to even leave their nests.

“They’re very slow moving, very aware and alert, but you could tell they were very much out of their element,” Keith Ross, a wildlife photographer who captured the rescue, said. “Very sweet, very soft, pudgy little things.”

little eagles 3

The next thing was to get the birds back up to their nest.

When the owner of Pacific Northwest Tree Service, Casey Balch, heard of this incident, he decided to intervene. He decided to take the chicks up the tree himself as their worried parents looked over.

little eagles 4

“[Balch] ended up climbing up the tree,” Ross said. “And once he got up on the tree he put the chicks in the little green duffle bag and pulled them up and placed them back into the nest. The female eagle was circling the whole time he was up there, watching him.”

little eagles 5

Now, the little ones have been in their nest for a week. All four of them are back to following their normal schedule.

little eagles 6

“Everyone gets excited when they have chicks,” Ross said. “And then for them to fall out of the nest and for them to get replaced back, it’s pretty special — it’s like the Sequim babies got put back.”

“Hopefully they stay in this time!” he added.

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