China’s Yulin dog meat festival has slaughtered approximately 3,000 dogs for food. In spite of, a continuous effort from Human Right Groups, the number is growing.

The event was first organized in 2010 to raise the popularity of eating dog’s meat. This year, the celebration began on the 21st of June and continued for 10 days.

Nearly 1.5 million petitions were signed and handed over to the Chinese embassy, but all of them went in vain — thousands of these furbabies slaughtered in the festival.

Most of these dogs were found wearing collars in their neck. They appeared to be someone’s pets, stolen or abandoned. These dogs were abused and tortured in prison before killing them.

Wei, a Chinese activist, who is continuously rescuing these dogs updated Humane Society about the horrific situation seen in the festival. She explained:

“These dogs were left exhausted and panting in the slaughterhouse.”

The activist stated:

“Some were pressing themselves tight against the wall in an effort not to be noticed. We noticed straight away that some of them were wearing collars, so they were probably stolen, but others looked very sick.

We quickly loaded them onto a truck to get them to a temporary shelter.”

Previous year, 15,000 dogs were killed in Yulin. This year, however, the number has decreased to 3000 after Humane Society’s constant effort to rescue these puppies.

Not only that, Humane Society was also able to close down slaughterhouse operations before the festival began.

Dogs Killed in Yulin Festival

HSI’s China policy specialist, Dr. Peter Li, described:

“Yulin is a very tense place right now, with dog traders and slaughterhouses on high alert, so it was difficult for these Chinese activists to win the trust of this facility to release the dogs.

We commend their efforts to show the world the suffering of these poor animals, and to expose the dog theft that lies behind the dog meat trade.”

Dogs rescued in Yulin Festival

Li continued:

“These dogs are traumatized and in need of veterinary treatment, but they are the lucky ones because for them at least the horror of Yulin is over. Sadly, thousands more will still die at Yulin, and millions across China, unless decisive action is taken.

So we urge the Chinese government to show that it will not tolerate the dog thief gangs who perpetuate this trade and bring an end to the brutal dog and cat meat trade.”

Click here to sign the petition to stop festivals like Yulin that continues to trade dogs and cat’s meat.

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